Friday, November 8, 2013

Rep Geo. K. Butterfield D-NC 01 Senate Presentation

Last week Congressman Butterfield addressed the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs regarding his support for the WW II Merchant Mariners Service Act.  Rep. Butterfield described the ordeal many coastwise mariners suffered during WW II and the plight the have endured attempting to gain recognition as Veterans for  their services.  Many were elderly disabled, some were women and others were schoolchildren who performed the same services as their shipmates but without the credentials now required by officials.  These coastwise mariners performed the same services, earned the same wages, paid the same taxes  and endured the same dangers and hardships as the others but with only with a single differences.  They had no credentials and now require assistance to  gain due recognition as veterans.  Please check out the attached tape.



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  3. This tape has been removed from the site, Please review a new entry in the Jan, 2014 entries. Thanks.